Tuesday, October 21, 2008

synchroblog #2

mmm, i like this synchrobloging thing:  it's really neat to see what everyone else writes and how it compares to my own little stash of happiness.  well, here it is:

PERFORMING. singing, acting, dancing.  being with people who understand the passion of the stage, who i can share my voice and my personality with.  music... is my soul.  listening, projecting, communicating through song.  another layer of bonding occurs when i sing with someone... it's a reason for living.  most of my closest friends are immersed in at least one aspect of the arts, or are dramatic in some way.  

reading and writing, of course. feeling expressed through words. there's nothing comparable to that feeling when (reading or writing) i come to a passage that uses just the right wording.  it's amazing what one can capture on paper... things which appeared simple can have a layer of complexity, and complex things can become simple.  sometimes the best writing is just describing something for what it is.  when i comprehend something through writing i understand it in ways i didn't know existed. even when i write about myself.  or perhaps especially when i write about myself. anyways, it creates a different perspective.

Spontaneously being good at something which has previously been difficult.  Using chopsticks for instance.  This has always been a mystery and a challenge for me; for years i've tried unsuccessfully attempted to use chopsticks, always surrendering to the familiar fork.  However, last night Mum handed me chopsticks and voila! I was even picking up individual pieces of rice!  *shakes head in bewilderment*
i guess this makes me happy because it shows that even if i don't show progress at something at first, practicing really works. which is good, because "practice" is basically the catch phrase of my existence.

NATHANIAL makes me happy. his quirky habits and stories, the way he listens and the way he talks.  being with someone i can trust so completely, not feeling ashamed or awkward.  he's irreplaceable <3
what else makes me happy? random little stuff:
hugs, random sincere compliments, less homework than i expected, letter in the mail, mum's good cooking, photography, visit/call/invitation from a friend, drawing, a good song on the radio, rebelliously staying up until 2 in the morning reading a good book, falling asleep to the sound of the rain on my skylight, learning something new about someone, singing in the shower, discovering a really good book/movie/eatery, having a really in-depth conversation, laughing, and all that jazz

all the little things which add up to make life... just right :)

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Kelvin Oliver said...

I'm glad you like the synchroblogging! I do, too. You have written a unique post here and I like seeing performances rather than participating in one (depends on what exactly I am to do).

I enjoy reading and writing and understanding what I have read and explaining it to others. Like you, the little things in life make me happy. The things someone else would not find exciting or more personal than what I experience. You have a cool boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

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